2023 SLST Winter Colloquium with Dr. Stephen Wellum

The Salt Lake School of Theology is proud to have hosted Dr. Stephen Wellum from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary on January 27th, 2023 for our winter colloquium.

Risen Life Church welcomed over 100 attendees to hear Dr. Wellum dive deep into the topic of Christology.

You can listen to a recording of Dr. Wellum's lecutres below. The title of the lecture series is, "The Glory of Christ."

  • Lecture 1: "Knowing Who Jesus is as God the Son Incarnate from the Bible's Storyline" (beginning-46:51)
  • Lecture 2: "The NT Witness to Jesus as God the Son Incarnate" (46:52-1:31:31)
  • Lecture 3: "Thinking with the Church About God the Son Incarnate" (1:31:32-end)

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